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I work with individuals, groups and the organisation-as-a-whole and the three overlap in many instances. In my view, it is a question of figure and ground or, what is the main area of focus in a given piece of work.

For individuals, I provide coaching both corporately and privately. In some cases, clients have returned after a period of two years or more to recommend colleagues and friends.

Groupwork tends to be wide-ranging from facilitating specific events such as awaydays, meetings and gatherings to team effectiveness development to the use of therapeutic model of 'group supervision' to support group development on a once a month basis over a prolonged period of time. I would also include here, bespoke learning events, leadership development programmes and experientials.

I consider my work with organisations as a whole entity to be mainly consultancy work with the more conventional work usually sitting somewhere between organisation development and organisation effectiveness. That is, between humanistic and strategic needs. The work is usually project-based either standalone or a project stream as part of a larger endeavour. Examples include 'Capability Planning' for a government agency, leadership development strategies, learning and development projects, customer service initiatives, branding and culture development and so on. In 2010, I co-founded a consulting practice with John Scherer based in Poland to provide organisation-leadership-people development for the Central Eastern European region. Our mission is to help create great adult to adult workplaces that are well led and are capable of engaging the inherent talent, potential and the will of amazing people in this part of the world. We can be found on


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