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Amy Barnes Consulting

What I bring

A core capability is to be able to sense and appreciate the dynamics in a situation and an ability to flexibly bundle my knowledge, skills, expertise and ways of working and to creatively apply them to address issues within a given context.

I bring know-how and insights from hands-on exposure to a breadth of organisational and operational change efforts. Having lived through movements such as Empowerment, Total Quality, Six Sigma/ Lean, Whole System Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering, employee participation, self-organised teams, learning organisation, systems thinking and so on, is a depth of understanding of what it means to be on the brink of launching an initiative, what it's like to be in the middle of change, what 'transformation' often isn't and what to do when things don't quite pan out in the way we had hoped. The benefit of stepping out of the day to day organisational life has also meant a greater clarity in relation to being able to see patterns of operation and how many interventions sustain existing paradigms. In recent years, my training in Gestalt therapy and work with therapeutic clients have taught me a great deal in differences in change and transformation. It is through continuous personal development that I am able to bring an embodied understanding of emergence and a high degree of tolerance for stuckness, ambiguity and not-knowingness. Being able to hold ambiguity means that clients are more able to develop their own creative problem-solving capabilities and capacities. What sets me apart in an otherwise hard to differentiate field or marketplace is a practice that is based on hard work, reflection and continuous learning. I place a premium on increasing my own awareness and on expanding my capacity for complexity while at the same time always challenging myself to create the simplest and most minimal of interventions for clients such that they are able to learn, grow and move closer to where they need to be and be self-supporting.

I am associated with a handful of talented people whom I have grown to trust over time. Suitable partners can be involved in projects according to needs.


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